The Project

The main design took inspiration from body art and its rich history. Tattu is divided into three areas.

The Ground Floor Bar area is surrounded by the warm and welcoming leather booth seating. Where you can enjoy a relaxed cocktail or a light bite to eat. Here you can soak in and admire the rest of the decor with the magnificent lighting and features. Mixed in with this is the different height seating to suit your mood.



From the Bar Area you will find the secret Deep Buttoned wall and doors that lead you into The Parlour. From here it is designed to give people the option to hide away in a more relaxed and intimate lounge area with its own private bar. Here you will enjoy the hand crafted leather designed furniture. Quite unique.


More details

Upstairs is the main restaurant where you can enjoy a fine dining Chinese experience and cocktails. The main focal point is the Cherry Blossom Tree that is elegantly situated with the branches and beautiful Pink flowers draped over the bespoke booth seating.