Anti Scratch Laminates

Introducing anti scratch metal laminates-The new, innovative surface!

The difference is obvious to the naked eye, scratch resistant matt laminates are a new, highly scratch-proof matt surface with anti-fingerprint finish.

The special technique creates an ultra-matt look with an anti-fingerprint function and unique impression of depth. The inert process produces an extremely scratch-resistant surface with regular and, on this basis, hard-wearing textures & high-end quality. This product is suitable for horizontal use in bars, restaurants & hotels, for tables and work surfaces in the office or kitchen.

Scratch resistant metal laminates consist of a full metal sheet & a thin laminate top & successfully mimic the look of metal without the price tag, & without the risk of damage & patina. Therefore making it a very desirable product for all hospitality environments.

This range comes in a varied selection of metal colours and finishes, see below– making it incredibly unique! Matching edging is also available.

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