Finance Leasing

At Telegraph we understand that opening a new venture can be stressful and difficult on the finances. Especially when you’re creating your dream venue.

It doesn’t have to be as financially draining as it appears.

We work with many companies offering Leasing Finance which takes away the Stresses & Strains on the initial finances. Therefore allowing you to focus on Building your creative minds in getting your new venture set up.

Please do contact us for more information.


Project Management

Having spent a quarter of a century working with clients in the hospitality and leisure industry we fully understand the pressures involved in opening up a new venue or re-launching an existing one.

At Telegraph Contract Furniture we can relieve clients from a large part of this strain through our proven Project Management process.

From concept to completion we’ll be alongside you to manage all aspects of the project to ensure the design is fully realised and that critical deadlines are met. Throughout the process you’ll receive regular reports allowing you to confirm that your project is moving forward on time and on budget.