Our booth seating design back recommendations

Regardless of which type of booth seating you choose, it can instantly change the layout of your restaurant, bistro or hotel in a matter of seconds and make a strong visual statement. As contract furniture specialists, we create bespoke booth seating to meet every client’s individual needs and can present booth seating with a full range of backs to choose from.

Here is just a small selection of some of Telegraph’s chosen booth seating back styles which have been popular amongst many restaurant and hotel fit-out and refurbishment services this year.

High Back Booth Seating

If you are looking for your restaurant, bistro, club, bar, pub or hotel to make a real fashion statement with the seating in your venue, then look no further than high back booth seating. By over sizing the full height width of the back, this is a creative and highly effective way of separating your room into different areas.

By implementing different colours and decor, high back booth seating will stand out from the crowd and will also help break up wall space, particularly where the ceiling height is very high. High back booth seating also tend to be a popular choice with customers as they provide privacy, security and comfort which is usually the reason for prolonged stays in this type of environment.

Deep Button Booth Seating

Inspired by the classic Chesterfield sofa, deep button booth seating is a classic amongst booth seating styles that is still a firm favourite today! Available as straight length or back-to-back style, deep button booth seating works as both a traditional and contemporary interior that demonstrates luxury, comfort and style.

Demonstrating to be incredibly low maintenance, this style saves spaces allowing you to maximise seating capacity. You can order this style in a host of materials including upholstered in fabric, leather and faux leather.

Split Back Booth Seating

Split back upholstered booth seating presents restaurant owners with artistic licence to create a strong visual statement as soon as any customer walks through the door! Although usually found on straight-length booth seating, this type of back style has been tipped as a winter trend by our Telegraph team! By combining different fabrics in a range of colours you break up the existing colour scheme with bold, vibrant colours to really draw attention to the seating section.

Horizontal Fluted Booth Seating

With an innovate design and a well distinguished style, horizontal fluted booth seating presents an eye-catching, comforting layout that will bring any restaurant, bistro or nightclub to life. The individual flutes are installed and can be upholstered in a number of fabrics. They are positioned to provide extra lumber support at the base of the seat. Much like deep button booth seating, horizontal fluted booth seating is incredibly low maintenance and never disrupts traffic flow.

Vertical Fluted Booth Seating

Fluted booth seating is also available to order in a vertical style. Durable, hard-wearing and very easy to clean, vertical fluted booth seating is incredibly low maintenance that will last a life time. Vertical fluted booth seating are more commonly found in straight length and L-Bay (in the shape of an ‘L’) styles.

All booth seating mentioned in this blog along with other bespoke contract furniture can be designed and manufactured from our Manchester based warehouse. The back height and design can be custom made can chosen to suit your individual space and requirements.

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