Key Fabric Trends for 2023

A key theme for interior trends in 2023 is bringing the outside in, and using materials such as wood, rattan, stone, cork and natural fabrics to establish a calming, indoor-outdoor feel.

For fabric, this is demonstrated through raw, rustic textures and a more unrefined look, with pronounced warps and wefts, stubby textures and cloths that appear to have been cut straight from an artisan weaver’s loom.

Many of us are becoming more adventurous in our design choices so we can, ultimately, create a space that is cohesive with our style and identity.

For many, this is all about layering beautiful fabrics in different patterns and textures and establishing an expressive look rich in colour and dynamic print.

Florals Are Forever! Floral patterns are one of the most popular and enduring fabric trends, with floral designs having been used across fashion and interior industries for centuries.

Of course, just like the rich variety in the natural world, there are so many types of floral fabric to choose from; from abstract to ditsy, baroque to retro and vintage, with many patterns utterly timeless in style.

However, there will always be floral fabrics that dominate certain eras, such as the graphic flower power movement of the 60s, and going into 2023, floral fabric trends seem to be more diverse than ever.

Check it! Timeless check patterns can pull together any colour scheme and bring interest to every space. From bold tartans that offer a warm and cosy feeling, to soothing linens with neutral checks, to bright and jazzy ginghams that are perfect for spring and summer, this print offers endless opportunities.

There’s much more to check prints than Christmassy reds and forest greens. Checks can be refreshed in so many ways, with numerous colour combinations and varying thicknesses of stripes. Checks can also be mixed and matched with other pieces in the home, making for a completely different look. When executed well, check patterns will bring style and sophistication to any space.

This is why we’re loving these checks, floral & tie die fabrics from Romo, perfect for any outdoor dining space.

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