Key Trends from Milan

We thoroughly enjoyed attending the 61st Salon del Mobile Milano again this year! We loved seeking out the best new items from all the innovative (& sometimes wacky!) products that the show had to offer.

As the design industry keeps on growing it becomes increasingly difficult to decipher trends, but it was clear that neutral colours & earthy tones are replacing pastels creating more texture & warmth, in an attempt to bring design schemes closer to nature.

This blog identifies 3 key trends that we believe will be a hit in the hospitality industry this year.

Trend 1; Bouclé-The Ultimate luxe & comfort trend.

Boucle is making a roaring come back and it comes as no surprise. And thanks to Chanel’s iconic skirts – has slid itself over into the interior world. Taken from the French word, Bouclé translates to ‘curled’ or ‘looping’ which describes the curly nature of the fibre. Traditionally made of wool, and has since evolved using the same woven techniques with alpaca, merino, linen, silk, and cotton making the trend incredibly versatile, depending on your preference and budget.

Here at Telegraph Furniture we’re loving all things boucle! This fabric was all over the Milan furniture show! Swatch samples shown are from Sunbury Design & Iliv. Contact our office for samples.

2. Show Timber & Angular Frames

Lines can have dramatic impact on interiors. As well as adding intrigue and detail, they can also lead the eye and emphasise a focal point. Horizontal lines can help provide a smooth transition between zones. They can also make a room appear wider or longer whereas vertical lines make a space appear taller or higher. By using a chair with a metal frame consisting of solid hard lines, or a wooden frame with modern angles, or even a chair that is woven in flexible straight lines or displaying lines in upholstery, this theme can be continued.

Timber frames were more prominent in Milan, with some chairs showcasing the frame on the back & up into the back of the seat pad creating an elegant & design led impression.

3. Ruche Fabrics

Ruching creates a rippled or folded aesthetic that equally distributes fabric throughout a garment or piece of furniture. Its use consists of gathering fabric at a certain point to add a visually interesting element to designs.

Ruching can also be used to add an abstract pattern and texture, perfect for contemporary spaces. By playing with different fabrics and colours, ruching can give a space depth, dimension, and visual appeal. For those looking for something truly unique, custom ruching can be used to create a truly one-of-a-kind look.

No matter how it is used, ruching is sure to add texture and interest to any interior design project.

We saw this trend in many new designs in Milan & we’re sure that it will be a big trend in the upcoming months!