Pantone® Colour of the Year 2021

Let some sun in with 2021’s colours of the year!

Pantone®’s colour of the year prediction is here, and it’s official – we’re forecasting sunshine for 2021!

This year the forecasting giant has announced two colours of the year, working in perfect harmony to bring balance to the upcoming year.

Pantone®’s Colours of the Year 2021: Illuminating and Ultimate Grey


Illuminating, a soft, fresh yellow, and Ultimate Gray, a luxurious, calming neutral, embody strength, fortitude, and bright hopes for 2021.

Here are a few ways to incorporate next years hottest colours into your design.

A sure-fire way to add intrigue to any setting is to use vibrant upholstery fabrics – below are some of our favourite colourways and patterns to ‘illuminate’ your space.


Fabrics from: Prestigious (top row) and Sekers (bottom row)


If upholstery isn’t the name of your game, maybe try infusing some sunlight through colourful powder coated finishes. We have a wide range of items available in indoor or outdoor finishes, meaning you don’t have to stay cooped up when expressing your individuality.


Pictured: Foulard Collection, Chicago Outdoor Collection, Nolita Collection


Discover more illuminating furniture available in a range of colours here.





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