Popular Restaurant Booth Seating Styles

Nothing is more essential than creating the best possible restaurant dining experience for your customers. From the service to the accommodation, no restaurant is ever replicated elsewhere (well not often) and that includes the different type of furnishings, layout and atmosphere that leaves an impression on turning new into returning customers.

However, there is one item that each restaurant shares and that is the selection of the restaurant seating. Having delivered countless refurbishment, installation and fit-out services for a variety of restaurants within the hospitality industry, high-quality, upholstered booth seating furniture in different shapes and forms have proved to be the most popular choice amongst restaurants.

Below we provide extended details on a range of different booth seating styles so you can see which is more suited for your restaurant.

Back-to-back booth seating

Also referred as banquet or carriage seating, back-to-back booth seating remains a popular choice amongst many restaurants, regardless of decor or cuisine served. Usually the quickest to fill up, customers are willing to wait to be seated at a booth as they provide so many advantages.

Maximise layout capacity
Present much easier traffic flow
Easily maintainable
Can seat between 2-8 customers at any time
Increase revenue


Round booth seating

Tipped as one of our booth seating trends this winter, round booth seating can become the perfect solution for maximizing seating capacity in any restaurant. Either by filling hidden or left out corners, or by placing them back-to-back amongst the walls, round booth seating styles such as half-circle and three-quarter styles in a variety of styles and backs offer many advantages.

Fill hidden or left-out corner spaces
Available as half-circle or three-quarter circle
Free standing tables and chairs can easily be added or removed
Provide privacy and comfort for any occasion


Straight Length

Available in a wide range of styles, fabrics and back designs, straight length booth seating is arguably the most common type of booth seating that can be found in any restaurant, bar hotel and even home kitchen. Straight length seating allows customers to enjoy each other’s company in their own privacy and is usually why they command group bookings

Easy to clean and maintain
Easy navigation and traffic flow
Additional free standing chairs can be added
Present privacy, intimate space

U-Bay and L-Bay booth seating

With L-Shape booth seating historically dating back to ancient Greece, L-Bay booth seating has been around for centuries for the numerous styles and advantages that they bring. Easily fitted against the wall, L-Shape seating can seat up to 8 customers depending on dimensions

Also known as square booth seating, U-Shape booth seating is often associated with larger groups such as VIP sections or for business meetings as they are usually away from other diners. Much like L-Bay, U-Bay provides many advantages which include;

Installation against the walls to maximise space
Never interfere with the traffic flow
Free standing tables and chairs can be added or removed
Easy to clean and maintain
Available in numerous colours and design backs


With so many different types of booth seating furniture to choose from, Telegraph Contract Furniture can create bespoke booth seating styles to any dimensions to suit any traditional or contemporary venue. For advice or for a free no-obligation quote, why not give Alex or Kim a ring on 0161 832 8080 or follow us on twitter at @TelegraphFurn
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