Talking Tables…

Table bases; are they a priority or an opportunity to save money? Some schemes favour adding a design element to a table, some don’t.

Opinions on this vary! A table base might not always be seen when sat at a table, therefore some designers don’t feel the need to focus on them & take the opportunity to make a saving in the budget which can be spent on other areas. On the flip side, some designers see it as a way of making a statement in creating the best ‘first impression’ when you walk into a venue & want to capitalise on this. But there is no right or wrong!

Either way we can deal with any demand, any material/colour & budget. We even make bespoke table bases to suit the vision of the project design. So whichever way you would like to work it then we can do it. Just ask!

Table tops:

Now this is a hot topic within our sales team as there are so many options out there. You have all sorts of intricate variations to think about; size, shape, edge detail, thickness and last but not least, what material to use. It can be a bit over whelming, but we can help you with this.

We generally work from designers CAD drawings for the size and shape but most of the time clients and designers know what they want. The tricky part is what edge detail to choose? Would you like a certain thickness to add some depth? Would you like a metal trim? Would you like a certain edge finish to the table top?

And then comes the question of which material to use? Marble, wood or metal?

Marble is the ‘go to’ for a bit of finesse and class. It’s a clean and natural product & is thousands of years old. Oak and ash wood are the ones generally used for indoors. For us ash is the best. It’s very similar to oak as it has the grain effect. It tends to hold better and it’s certainly better when it comes to cost. Zinc, copper and brass are the most common metals we use, all have their own different finishes which can also be used for edging.

Recently, as technology has improved, laminates have made a big come back. There are some brilliantly innovative designs out there at the moment, which cover marble, wood, stone and metal designs. There are many benefits of using laminates, durability & cost being big advantages.

We can answer all your technical questions as well as advise on what material to use based on your budgets so please contact us for more information.