The Fixed Seating Process From Start To Finish

Did you know that research states, fixed seating can improve a venues turnover by 30%?

Fixed seating refers to upholstered seating units which are usually built in, and are particularly popular in hospitality environments. Fixed seating can have many different names; booth seating, banquette seating or carriage seating & can have many different design elements; plain back, fluted back, deep buttoned back & quilted back. They are typically, but not always, built against a wall.

Ref Mrs Blodgets

That’s a great return and well worth the extra investment.

They are excellent for tight or niche spaces & they can help maximise seating capacity in a dining or drinking space, making them a beneficial solution & a desirable place to sit!

Fixed seating is perfect for dividing and creating zones in more extensive open-plan areas, enabling you to create character & quirkiness to the interior design through the introduction of soft upholstered textures. This also contributes to the overall softening of acoustics, making the space cosier & more inviting.

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At Telegraph Furniture we can create any shape or design & can upholster in any fabric or leather, at home or abroad-we’ve done installations in places as far as Tokyo & the USA!

All we need from you are the planned detailed drawings. We will make a site visit, make it to your specifications and of course fully install it with our experienced team. It’s as simple as that!

Ref: Tattu Manchester

Fixed seating plays a big part in what we do. With over 20 years’ experience our dedicated service & expert craftsmanship can help you revolutionise your hospitality space into an impressive yet comfortable place to be.

Let us transform your vision into reality.

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